Adeleine's GM application

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Adeleine's GM application

Post  Adeleina on Sat May 01, 2010 4:34 pm

1. My name is Adeleina Suarez

2. My in game name is Adeleina because that's my real name.

3. My forum name is also Adeleina because it's my name.

4. I would prefer to be called Ade, but Adeleina will go just fine too.

5. My age is respectively 20 years.

6. Time zone is GMT +2.

7. Main languages are english and finnish.

8. I can speak a little swedish, spanish and french.

9. I could spend almost the whole day.

10. I'm very active, friendly and I don't have a short temper.

11. Seems like a cool server to hang out. Razz

12. Well, I could attract them with videos & pictures.

13. None yet since I just started myself.

14. Yes, I don't know if this counts as valid, but dagonMS a long time ago. Don't have proof since I used a different CPU back then.

15. Server closed.

16. I would not use them to show-off, help players or such. I only would use them to ban hackers and/or cheaters.

17. My current e-mail is:

18. Well, I'm a 19 year-old girl, currently living in Finland. As you can probably notice from my name, yes I'm half-mexican, my mother being born in Mexico. Well that's pretty much all I can say about myself. Hopefully I'll get to be a GameMaster on this server! Cool


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