[GM APP] iMiTcH GM Application

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[GM APP] iMiTcH GM Application

Post  iMMxSkillz on Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:49 am

1. Your Real Life FULL Name:
Mitch Sandstrom.
2. Your IGN & explain why chosen it:
iMitch, I have chosen this name because first its my first name and also alot of girls think its a hot name. Razz
3. Your Forum name & exlain why chosen it:
iMMxSkillz.I have chosen this forum name because it was my first youtube account username! =D

4. Your Nick Name or what you would like to be called, if any:
5. Your Age:
16 yrs old. Born on 01/30/1994

6. Your Time Zone (GMT -/+ hours):
GMT +5 EasternTime *UnitedStates*

7. Your main Language?
8. Other language(s) you (might) know/speak:
I could speak Italian because of my parents and spanish because Im taking that as a language course in highschool.

9. Time you will (be able to) spend online/helping us.
EasternTime at 4:30 to 9:30 weekdays. On the weekends I could go all day since I have free time, But I have to out at times so if you need me really bad I could stay on the computer all day IF i need to.

10. Reason why we should consider you as an (Intern) GM:
,I know how to code a OdinMS Server Based Source because I recently had my own server but then closed it due to lack of players. Also I could be one of the developers here!
11. Reason why you came to DragonBreathMS:
To have fun and relax with the kind community.
12. What you can (try to) do to bring players to DragonBreathMS?
Make videos on youtube and invite my school since they love to play maplestory..Well half of the school does.
13. Have you already referred people to DragonBreathMS, if so, who/how many?
2 of my cousins and 1 of my friends from school.

14. Have you ever been a GM or Intern GM on another Server? (yes/no, if yes, please show proof and name of server OTHERWISE NOT VALID!
PoopMS by Cappe and my GM name was iMiTch but it closed down last year RIP PoopMS *11/5/09* :/

15. (If you have ever been GM on Intern GM on another Server) Why you're fired/quit:
I didnt get fired nor I quitted PoopMS. It closed down due to lack of donations to pay for the dedicated server.

16. Would you ever use the powers that will be given to you as (Intern GM) to help friends with (for exemple training etc.) illigal things?
No, because thats not a GM's job. A GM's job is to help and resolve a problem of a player. Also I know that I cannot help/give stuff to players because that was rules from other servers like AxedMS.

17. Is there any way we (the staff) would be able to contact you, like E-mail:
You may contact me by an email which is imichaelv@optimum.net <--- My dads email that I use because I registered all my account from games and forums to that email.
Or you may contact me by AIM and my screen name is masterchief1526..Yup thats right it was based of Halo..

18. SomeThing cool about you/backround info:.
I attend New Hyde Park Memorial High School. The sports I play for the school is Lacrosse and Track.Im in Junior Varsity for both sports!
Im white, 6' 2" tall because of my parents Smile (I have a tall family), very active, taken by the best girlfriend ever! Razz and her name is Kelly *4/7/09* and Its been a year already!! and if you want to know more about me, please chat with me in-game!


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