JoyLiekzCoke's Gm Application.

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JoyLiekzCoke's Gm Application.

Post  joyboy on Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:30 pm

Hello, this is my GM Application.
I hope u like it.

My name in maplestory : JoyLiekzCoke.
My name in real life : Joy Visser.

About me:
I'm Joy visser and i like to make jokes.
I come from the Netherlands and I'm 12years old (1997/08/09)
I'm very friendly and helpfull.
Do you have a problem? I'm always there for you!

Sex : Male

Timezone :
GMT+1, GMT+ 01:00. I'm from Holland/The Netherlands.

Language: I can speak English and Dutch.

Have i ever been GM before this one? : Yes sure.
In DreamTeamMS.

How can i help RainbowMS? :
I'm gonna catch ALL hackers that i see, NO MERCY!

Why i want to be GM? :
Because i like to help people and Maplestory.
I will host events because i like it and thats funny for other players.
Do you need me? Then you are good here! I'm always here for you...
I hate hackers so i want a revenge to them, I'm gonna ban al hackers BUT first im gonna make a screenshot and check it good, so i won't make mistakes.

What events i will give? :
Most of time OX events.

How can you contact me?
U can contact me with this E-mail : You'r welcome!

I hope u like my GM application, tell me if i'm wrong and give me tips!
I wont be angry, it is good to give tips so i know what i have to do much better.
Thanks anyways!

Best regards from Joy visser from the Netherlands I love you


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