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Zadenx's Gm app

Post  Zadenx on Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:14 am

1. Your Real Life FULL Name: Victor Vazquez

2. Your IGN & explain why chosen it: Zaden.( my orgin came from final fantasy 9 when the main character was named Zidane I just flipped around some words and i named him zaden!)

3. Your Forum name & exlain why chosen it: Zadenx I perfer this name for forums beacuse the X signifies Loyalty in Tai ( my blood race)

4. Your Nick Name or what you would like to be called, if any: Zadey. I got called that alot from ALOT of people O_O.

5. Your Age:14

6. Your Time Zone (GMT -/+ hours): Central i think its.. +1

7. Your main Language? English

8. Other language(s) you (might) know/speak: Spanish. A lil bit of French and Japanese. ( i had to go to japan long story)

9. Time you will (be able to) spend online/helping us. ALOT. I have ALOT of spare time Sometime school can get wacky but i make up for it on the weekends

10. Reason why we should considere you as an (Intern) GM: You should Consider me cause I have Exprience working with many other servers. I can make banners. And i know how to make videos with zoom and other stuff with Sony Vegas Pro

11. Reason why you came to DragonBreathMS: I came to DB beacuse not only beacuase i want to be a gm But beacuse i saw How Well organized and how well this Staff works

12. What you can (try to) do to bring players to DragonBreathMS I have alot of connections Besides i can make banners and Videos. Im Really talented in fact see some of my work.

13. Have you already referred people to DragonBreathMS, if so, who/how many? I have refferd 1 David. A good friend who watches out for me.

14. Have you ever been a GM or Intern GM on another Server? (yes/no, if yes, please show proof and name of server OTHERWISE NOT VALID!) I have been a GM on 4 servers but i only have proof of bieng one in one. >.> Clubber ms. Vid=

15. (If you have ever been GM on Intern GM on another Server) Why you're fired/quit: I didnt get fired. Or Quit the server closed due to the co owner and the owner fighting

16. Would you ever use the powers that will be given to you as (Intern GM) to help friends with (for exemple training etc.) illigal things?: NEVER!!! its really unfair when gms pick favorites

17. Is there any way we (the staff) would be able to contact you, like E-mail: Yes they can call me. On well.. Priv mesg for that xD. Email= ( Or If you have an xbox live account you can add me RhytmicHades ( its inactve soon to be active today)

18. SomeThing cool about you/backround info:

I have an APP of my own i made. It has Links of my work and Proof of videos of the servers that i was in i answer more questions and its well done..

-Objective: A nice cozy job of governing a server.


-That as being a GM Emotions have no place in that job

-That being Honest is the way to get Trusted


Three years of being a GM for a server

Two years of lessons of using Photoshop for various uses (makeup, Ugly, Effects)

One year making banners for servers.


*Banner Maker- I’mnot the OMFG AWSOME HE CAN MAKE THINGS FLASHY. But I am very artistic so, If you just say Do something nice you might not get what you want. So give me an idea and i can do it :3

I am good at it when you give me a description such as “I want so and so doing this with this in his hand"

*Leadership Skills- I leaded a team of 4 Who knew nothing about science into Victory Dont bealive>Photo Gallery> (I forgot the month) look for ScienceBowl*

* Gets things done-If my Deadline is one day and i have 7 hours to make w/e im making or doing.I'll get it done even if i have to stay up to Bloody 6 AM*

*Sense of humor- My humor can only go far and I don’t cross the line. But sometimes when people just don’t know when to stop it aggravates me to death…Literally.

*Tactician- I can Read the human body well and since me being a player of a Pserver for a while I pretty much know what the people want.


*Not Very Stronge motionally- That does not mean I’ll give in to a poor noob who has like -100mesos that just means that when Stuff happens in life I won’t be as pepped as Iusually am

*Crazy mom- My mom will, Ocassionally Ask me to do random things that have nothing to do with anything

Why choose me.

Why choose me? That’sa good Question. Well if you look at me in the right light im preety much alright. I mean let’s just put this in an employer’s eyes.

Employer’s Thoughts

First this guy takes the time to make a resume instead of posting some noob post saying” I throw events and I’m sexy.”

His beliefs seem to be the one that I need in my Group of gm

His experience in banners can really help us
He seems to be very nice and talented
And hes posting his flaws impressive


Why NOT choose me.

First why put this?Are you being a stupid noob whose trying to get his career killed?

No. I’m being honest its one of my Beliefs My Boss needs to know why he shouldn’t and why he Should choose me I mean if he finds out while I work it’ll cause more problems I might as well show him what im not good at so that when the time comes He won’t have to yell.

Im a ninja I mean I’ll sit down on hide all day and walk around Vic isle when I get bored trying to find players doing stupid things (hacking)

I also honestly get very bored up to the point where I just need to do something, So I usally make a noob Character so I can be like the hulk. Don gets my angry ha-ha.

I have been a hacker in Maple Global. I really have been. I was one of the big honchos. So I KNOW where players would hack. Though Who the heck would want to hack an inncoent PServer?


Here are several questions that people have asked me in the past.

Have you owned a Pserver?

I had one up for a while

Have you ever given a way objects to another player?

No. Never, I would getin serious Trouble
Besides its Nasty and unfair

How do you feel about Hackers?

Well not to be a hypocrite but I was one in GMS But never in a psever to me Psevers are more Secure

So then why do you want to become a Gm?

Because Hacking has its place why hack people that have done nothing wrong? well yea Sure! But i really think i can change the opinons of many players if your server is dieng I will revive it I WILL be your viper I WILL Fight for Any server that highers me as a gm And i WILL be Loyal

Can you make animated banners?

Well yes. Its practically easy but im not a master at it

Can I see some ofyour “Banner Work?”

Hellz yea :3
( look at the comics and the banners just flip a page

Can I seea vid that you made/.

I recorded and added the zoom. And i edited the music

I got it down its pretty easy


Katie forhelping me make this Resume without your idea on Effect order I wouldn’t havedone this

My Sanity;3

My music

You for reading it


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