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GM Application:Devs

Post  simon159 on Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:18 pm

1.Simon Aung(No middle name)

2.My IGN is Exile, the name Exile seems mysterious. Dont you think so?

3.My forum name is Simon159 obviously i chose that name cause its my name,duh.And the 159 at the end is simple and the number 159 just stands out to me : ).

4. Dont really have a nickname but this kid in 5th grade called me Si. which seems retarted now...

5. I am 16 years old born January 23 1993

6. GMT +8

7. English

8. Some spanish and burmese

9. im active all day everyday some times i get up at 9:00 or 12:00 and play untill 9:00 so thats like 9-12 hours of playing

10.:I would do my best to Encourage others to play DragonbreathMS, and help the community grow. I will do my VERY BEST to catch hackers who cannot play the game properly = =". And above all else I will be a very fun person to be around and make people have a lot of fun during there DragonBreathMS game play experience.

11. Just seemed like the server had alot of potential just add a few more people then it will be notorious.

12. I would go on to other servers that i play and whisper my friends and go on the servers that i dont like and make people come here.

13. I am new here but i will talk to my peeps about joining this server

14. I have been a GM on three servers essencems and ancientms and axedms. essencems joined another server called Hotstylesms and it got shutdown due to threats from nexon. Ancientms i got demoted cause of to many GMs. And axedms got shutdown when i was playing it and now its back up i guess.

15. umm i didnt really get fired or quit most servers either got shutdown by nexon or to many gms and i got demoted.

16. No, i would never do such a thing i know my prioritys and the rules to being a gm the most that i would do to help out my friend is recommend them a good training spot that is appropriate for their level.

17. and my msn is

18. I am 16. I am "Fairly" smart, Funny, love to make people laugh. I am a very fast learner, and follow any directions given. I joke around a lot but not all the time. When i need to be serious on something i am DEAD serious. I love helping people so i will do my best to answer any questions given. I prefer proper grammar and try to enforce it, I don't know why but it is a habit now to type properly 0.0. I spend most of my time on gaming these days. The two biggest games i play are Counter Strike: Source and DragonbreathMS.oh well, i play DragonbreathMS to have fun and enjoy the laid back game play =]. Hope i get picked Very Happy


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