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[GM AP] Trinety

Post  Trinety on Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:50 pm

1. Your Real Life FULL Name:
Trinety Pater (female ^^ as you might guest)

2. Your IGN & explain why chosen it:
Trinety Cause it is my real name ^^ and i just love the name
it is linked to the matrix with i love so 2 and since that i use it
so to for in game name. And i Love the style of her.

3. Your Forum name & explain why chosen it:
Trinety Same reason as above

4. Your Nick Name or what you would like to be called, if any:
Trin or trinety, its just like my name, or something in the direction of trinety.

5. Your Age:

6. Your Time Zone (GMT -/+ hours):
GMT+1 Netherlands

7. Your main Language?

8. Other language(s) you (might) know/speak:
German, English, little french.

9. Time you will (be able to) spend online/helping us.
No work at the moment for about 5/7 hours a day

10. Reason why we should consider you as an (Intern) GM:
Want to make this the number 1 server of maple. I want to help make this maple story to the biggest and funny's community there is

11. Reason why you came to DragonBreathMS:
Want to help building the server and make it a big and bugless server. That player want to play. And i want to let the community grow with my coding.

12. What you can (try to) do to bring players to DragonBreathMS
Friends, video's, and other game mates the love to join a good and nice server

13. Have you already referred people to DragonBreathMS, if so, who/how many?
None, but If I might get accepted and love playing the server I will refer all my friends who play private servers

14. Have you ever been a GM or Intern GM on another Server? (yes/no, if yes, please show proof and name of server OTHERWISE NOT VALID!)
Yes i have been gm(coder) on 2 other both server are down(arrg blame nexon) servers are
never made proof though i never would leave Razz

15. (If you have ever been GM on Intern GM on another Server) Why you're fired/quit:
Haven't been fired or quit, Nexon just shut the servers down (gosh)

16. Would you ever use the powers that will be given to you as (Intern GM) to help friends with (for example training etc.) illegal things?:
No only if the got a normal problem but every user is the same for me the are all my friends. And since everyone is the same, you should tread them the same.

17. Is there any way we (the staff) would be able to contact you, like E-mail:
Email: Trinety@luckysle7en.com
Msn: Luckysle7en@Luckysle7en.com

18. Something cool about you/background info:
I have build a lot of stuff i made ring effect, own made pq, hosted events all kind of stuff.
I know about the commands i know the all maps/monsters/items

-What would you do with hackers?
Slam with the HAMMER OF DOOM (bann)
-How long have you been playing Maplestory in general?
Hmm let me think.... 3/4 years i think now

Well Already Thank You for the time of reading it!

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