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Pham GM App XD

Post  Phammy on Sun May 31, 2009 3:21 am

Sry i posted in other forum. Here it is.

1. Your Real Life FULL Name: Daniel Vincent Pham

2. Your IGN & explain why chosen it: Pham cause thats me name XD

3. Your Forum name & exlain why chosen it: Phammy its one of my numerous nicknames

4. Your Nick Name or what you would like to be called, if any: Well just call me Pham

5. Your Age: 15

6. Your Time Zone (GMT -/+ hours): GMT + 10 AUSTRALIA WOOT

7. Your main Language? English (of course)

8. Other language(s) you (might) know/speak: learning jap at school but no

9. Time you will (be able to) spend online/helping us. well around 4 pm onwards in my time zone afta school and most times on weekends

10. Reason why we should considere you as an (Intern) GM: Cause i love to help, i learn really quick, i will make a good contribution, hold events such as jq events and bring a wider view to the board of ideas!

11. Reason why you came to DragonBreathMS: previous server i was GM got shut down

12. What you can (try to) do to bring players to DragonBreathMS: Videos, tell my friends, bring people from the previous ms ps i was in

13. Have you already referred people to DragonBreathMS, if so, who/how many? not as yet but u just wait XP

14.Have you ever been a GM or Intern GM on another Server? (yes/no, ifyes, please show proof and name of server OTHERWISE NOT VALID!) I have been a gm of the server HeavenScytheMS but i dont really know wut u mean by proof.

15. (If you have ever been GM on Intern GM on another Server) Why you're fired/quit: Cause the server shut down

16.Would you ever use the powers that will be given to you as (Intern GM)to help friends with (for exemple training etc.) illigal things?: Illegal, definitely not and i know that i aren't allowed to help people train and give em stuff but i might ask to sometimes. I would definitely not abuse my powers as GM

17. Is there any way we (the staff) would be able to contact you, like E-mail: Yes contact me at (dont ask) thats also my msn.

18. SomeThing cool about you/backround info:Well... i'm half viet and i have blonde hair, i guess thats one, i always love games like SSB series and GH. Been playing GMS for like 4 years (yer i know thats kinda illegal since i needed to be like 13) and yer it just got too boring for me!

Hope u consider me XD



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