Jasons App for GM

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Jasons App for GM

Post  Jason2dn on Sat May 30, 2009 11:22 am

1. Your Real Life FULL Name:Jason Du

2. Your IGN & explain why chosen it:i chosed Jason2dn because my name wont change and i wont change it

3. Your Forum name & exlain why chosen it:same reason as Question 2

4. Your Nick Name or what you would like to be called, if any:Jason or Noob

5. Your Age:13

6. Your Time Zone (GMT -/+ hours):+10

7. Your main Language?English

8. Other language(s) you (might) know/speak:Chinese / Korean(abit)

9. Time you will (be able to) spend online/helping us.7hrs weekdays , whole day weekends

10. Reason why we should considere you as an (Intern) GM:because i want to help out since im bored and got nothing to do besides homework so thats it .

11. Reason why you came to DragonBreathMS:Because its catchy and there was gm app open

12. What you can (try to) do to bring players to DragonBreathMS advertise on my 8 old private server if needed and i dont care if i get banned or anything.

13. Have you already referred people to DragonBreathMS, if so, who/how many? Friends - 3 so far

14. Have you ever been a GM or Intern GM on another Server? (yes/no, if yes, please show proof and name of server OTHERWISE NOT VALID!)Yes but i got banned straight away idk why

15. (If you have ever been GM on Intern GM on another Server) Why you're fired/quit:

16. Would you ever use the powers that will be given to you as (Intern GM) to help friends with (for exemple training etc.) illigal things?:nope because its not fair to everyone else

17. Is there any way we (the staff) would be able to contact you, like E-mail:mr_greencrusader@hotmail.com

18. SomeThing cool about you/backround info:CHINESE FTW ~


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